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2 KILL ME SOFTLY giveaways

My modern fairy tale novel KILL ME SOFTLY released yesterday (yay!), and if you’d like to win a copy, there are two giveaways running right now:

  • Kristi at The Story Siren is giving away a hardcover copy of KILL ME SOFTLY on her blog. Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, ages 13 & up. Go here to enter.
  • Heidi at SurLaLune Fairy Tales blog is giving away a hardcover copy of KILL ME SOFTLY to one guest blogger—all you have to do is submit a short guest post, “at least one paragraph of four sentences—talking about one of your favorite adaptations of a fairy tale, be it a novel, short story, illustration, song or movie. Tell us why you enjoy the version and why others may enjoy it, too.” Contest is International. Deadline has been extended to April 14, 2012. More details here.

Free books, minimal effort. Go enter!

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